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3D-Inspiration by Inside

Bring curtains to life with 3D-INSPIRATIONS, Inside's new presentation tool.
The package includes a 3D window, a touch screen, a digital projector and unique software which converts 2D into 3D. Together they ensure that you can give a three-dimensional presentation to your customers. As a result you can provide better service to your customer and increase your sales of CasaMia blinds and curtains.

7 strengths of 3D-INSPIRATIONS:

1. A perfect 3D image of each selected curtain.
2. Endless possibilities in a small surface area (compared with cumbersome displays).
3. Once-only investment which pays off for years.
4. A range that is always up to date thanks to the Internet.
5. Customer interaction is possible (providing maximum information).
6. You offer your customers real added value as a retailer (compared with the Internet).
7. Your customer can see and feel his curtain.

View a demo video here:
(click here to watch 3D-inspirations)